Lymphatic Massage Treatment may be the answer for you. Do you want to…

  • Reduce stress?
  • Dissolve cellulite?
  • Eliminate stiffness?
  • Increase mental clarity?
  • Project an inner radiance of health?
  • Experience rejuvenation?
  • Unleash your innate wellness?
  • Reduce puffiness?
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In today’s stressful world, the physical body is bombarded by hundreds of man-made chemicals. Internal and external pressures increase to unhealthy proportions and without a method of release disease builds.

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The body’s natural cleansing system is the lymphatic system. This complex and efficient design removes unwanted substances. For most of us – due to the high level of body toxins – the lymph system is overtaxed and doesn’t work at maximum efficiency.

That’s where the knowledge and expertise of a true healer comes in.

Imagine yourself in a healing and nurturing environment. An angelic presence warmly greets you and invites you to sit in a relaxing sauna. Peaceful music plays in the background and your worries, stress and tension begin to release their grip on your body. Soon all the cells are gently, but vigorously stimulated with sound and color frequencies. You rest in deep relaxation as your body begins to restore itself.

Kathy Joy is the conduit to stimulate your innate self-healing processes. She works with your inherent health to keep the lymphatic system moving and assists the body in its continual cleanse.

Treatments are wholesome and health-giving pleasure for body, mind, and spirit. Your procedure features: Jade frequency machines to distribute color and sound frequencies through the body to awaken the lymphatic system and aid in detoxification. The frequencies stimulate lymph system function, eliminate stress and break up emotional and energy blockages; the result of the impact of modern life, environment factors and your personal history.

Our clients report these dramatic results and more. You can read some of their testimonials on the Lymphatic Detox  page.

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Kathy and Mary
                        Kathy & Mary

As an industry pioneer, Kathy built a loyal clientele by helping each person claim and retain ownership of optimum health.

Clients travel to Minnesota from national and international locations just to experience the satisfying and stimulating benefits of lymphatic treatments. With 10 year of building client and vendor relationship, Kathy knows the value of referral marketing. She continually discovers innovative health products, researches new golden opportunities and meets new, interesting contacts.

Emphatic about high quality, Kathy's adventures lead her to life-enhancing products and services, including ForeverGreen's FrequenSea  and Video Email. We encourage you to stop by the Resource Page often to find out what's new.

Thank you for stopping by. We're glad you found this haven on your path to better health. Please feel free to click around at your leisure. You will learn more about Kathy Joy and how her work teaches you to discover the secrets to optimum natural health. Wellness is our birthright. To achieve this, Kathy shares simple ideas, habits, tools, and products to assist you on your journey.


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