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       About Kathy Joy: Love, Kindness, Health & Service                                                  
“The only purpose for us being here is to serve others.”- Albert Einstein

Although Kathy worked in retail for many years, her passion is studying health and personal development. Through divine intervention and guidance she learned lymphatic detoxification massage and has served her clients in this capacity since 1996.

Kathy’s active participation in – and commitment to – self-development has brought her into direct contact with industry pioneers including Zig Ziegler, Wayne Dyer, Jim Rohn, James Ray, Don Miguel Ruiz, Anthony Robbins, Eric Oliver and Dave Dobson(NLP).

Kathy studied Qi Gong with Master Chunyi Lin and Master Eddie Tong. She has recently become a certified instructor for  Spring Forest Qi Gong level 1. She is certified in deep tissue massage by Ted Looyen of the Looyenwork Institute.

      Kathy with Master Lin
                           Kathy with Master Lin

In 2001, Kathy met the man of her dreams. Kevin Hewitt, her husband says, “Kathy is an angel goddess walking on the earth. I am so honored to be her partner. Her wisdom and commitment to teaching people how to dramatically increase wellness and explore their personal development is such an inspiration."

      Kevin and Kathy
                                            Kevin & Kathy


Kathy is constantly learning and freely shares new discoveries with her clients. She shows DVDs to help communicate old concepts in new ways (the movie The Secret) or new information about the oldest nutrition on the planet (marine phytoplankton) FrequenSea by Land and Sea). Another impactful tool at Kathy’s disposal is the video email which acts as a mirror of her clients’ communication skills.

“Kathy Joy is one of the finest human beings I have ever met. Her integrity, intelligence and healing ability are just a few gifts she bestows to those lucky enough to find her. She truly is a joy.” – Jean Ohern
           Kathy Sunflower
              Kathy at home in her garden


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