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 Health & Nutrition: FrequenSea with Marine Phytoplankton                                                                     
  Health is simple, natural and pleasurable.

The inherent state of your body and being is wellness. It’s your birthright to feel energetic, contented, and in the full rush of life. Kathy’s approach honors this premise by building on and facilitating improvement of your innate health. The body is self healing. Honor its intelligence.

If your cupboards are filled with pills and supplements and yet, you still lack the energy to enjoy life, listen up!
  •  Good health begins with a good attitude
  •  Enjoy sunshine and touching the earth. This exercise provides positive electrical energy.
  •  Be aware of your emotions. How you feel about yourself and your body  contributes significantly to your well being.  
  • Love your body as-is; it is your temple.
  • Breathe deeply it keeps you oxygenated.
  • Get moving! Exercise. Keep your muscles toned and your bones strong.
  • Get a massage it stimulates the lymphatic system   
  • BE affectionate; hugs and any warm, positive touch enrich the body, mind and soul.
  • Dancing is therapy on so many levels. Do it regularly.
  • Meditate or pray to quiet and refresh the mind.  
  • Drink clean pH balanced water. It is vital as your body is 70% water.
  • Maintain healthy, wholesome relationships with yourself, others and the divine. It is the connectivity that keeps us grounded.
  • Nourish your body by eating good food and enjoying every bite. 
  •  Keep in mind

o   Proper pH is an important aspect of maintaining optimum health. 

o   High frequency foods like fresh lemons and organic foods are best.

o   Natural is best; avoid overly processed food.

o   Enjoy the rituals of eating and preparing food.

o   Bless your food and water. See Dr. Emoto’s “The Hidden Messages in Water”.

o   Consume trace minerals as found in Himalayan Crystal Salt

FOREVERGREEN Unique, life-enhancing products that address the health and vitality of mankind at every stage of life.


FrequenSea is the drink that contains marine phytoplankton from the Pacific Northwest. Kathy enjoys the many benefits of taking FrequenSea; (by ForeverGreen) a tasty ionic whole food tonic. Marine Phytoplankton provides a unique blend of phytonutrients and a naturally-based composition of sea minerals. Phytonutrients are natural plant-based chemicals that promote proper metabolic functions.

A few of the many benefits she has experienced are:

  • Soft, moisturized skin
  • Increased vibrancy
  • Shiny hair
  • Deeper more restful sleep
  • Increased energy and vitality
 Tom Harper and Kathy

Marine phytoplankton produces 90% of the earth’s oxygen according to NASA. Scientists theorize they are the original life form and the basis of all other life on the planet.

Tom Harper is a sea farmer who developed a process for raising marine phytoplankton in large quantities. His original plan was to feed his shellfish. But, soon he discovered the amazing health benefits of marine phytoplankton; not only to the shellfish, but to himself, and the surrounding ocean environment.

This is Kathy Joy with Tom at his Sea Farm.

Click here to view his fascinating story  "Another Day" a 12 minute documentary.


Equipped with many tools, Kathy employs the revolutionary Mayr Method which detoxifies and supports the body’s natural healing mechanism. Affectionately called the, “Intestinal Rest” or “The REST.” Also used is the intestinal lift and lymphatic detox treatments. See “Health Through Inner Body Cleansing, “by Erich Rauch, MD Important note: Consult your physician before starting this diet.

EXTRACT FUSION DRINK - seven+ by eXfuzetm

Kathy has recently found a drink that is nutrient rich. This drink is unlike others that are out on the market. It is not a juice. It is a drink made up of extracts taken from seven super botanicals: Acai, Gac, Goji, Noni, Mangosteen, Fucoidan and Seabuckthorn. In addition wild blueberry, concord grape, pomegranate and aloe vera are blended in with these extracts. Other ingredients include fulvic acid. Get free product and continue to save as a preferred customer. Pay shipping only on your first bottle. 



Kathy's commitment to true health and balance involves every area of our lives: financial, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, relational, as well as physical. Her philosophy is that we inherently know how to heal ourselves. She is an enthusiastic facilitator in assisting others to access their inner healer. When anyone meets Kathy they find that she embraces life and enjoys it to the fullest.


Kathy at home doing her sunset stretches


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