Verstiva: Hemp Plant Products                                      

    Versitiva is ForeverGreen's new product line making use of the versatile hemp plant.
Why Hemp?
  • Rich in proteins - all 20 known amino acids
  • These proteins are easy to digest - compared to soy which contains trypsin inhibitors that interfere with protein digestion.
  • Perfect Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio
  • Contains phytosterols
  • Scientific Name: Cannabis Sativa - Hemp is not Marijuana
  • Has potential cancer fighting agents
  • It is a sustainable crop that matures 120 days after planting
  • Hemp has played a crucial role in American history
  • Great hope for America's economic future
  • It's a vote for clean, green, sustainable and renewable
 Truth about Hemp
 VERSITIVA  to distinguish hemp for what it is
Why ForeverGreen?

  • Its Stand - From its inception ForeverGreen has sought to bringing something better to the community and encourages all members to do the same. Community Stands
  • Truly Natural and Wholesome Products - ForeverGreen is about getting the best out of nature. It looks for processes which preserve the integrity of the plants nutrients. The AMP Process
  • A healthy hemp product line such as Versitiva is what ForeverGreen is all about. ForeverGreen isn't jumping on the renewable band wagon it's always been there.
  • Profit - YES. Destruction - NO. ForeverGreen's mission is to bring health enhancing products while being kind to the environment.
  • Since Tom Harper started growing and harvesting Marine Phytoplankton, the surrounding coastland has been abundant with life. LegaSea
  • A 7 year publicly traded company, ForeverGreen has kept to its vision of HEALTH, KINDNESS & OPPORTUNITY.

The nutritional and healing properties of the hemp plant are available in these ForeverGreen products: Hemphoria - a whole hemp seed concentrate, Pulse - a raw whole food snack with hemp seeds, and Inspirin - combining the benefits of hemp and marine phytoplankton.
hemphoria The one and only Hemphoria 24x concentrate. Hemphoria is a whole hemp seed concentrate with our complimentary proprietary blend of peace and happiness. In today’s world where mental health is often overlooked, peace has become priceless and happiness comes at a premium. Hemphoria is loaded with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and is incredible for circulation. It's carefully formulated ingredients are instantly bioavailable and bottled in a brand new, state of the art, Swiss engineered bottle that preserves and enhances ingredients through its photosynthetic interaction with light.

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Hemphoria Testimonials

Hemphoria is now part of my daily routine. After taking it for a few days I noticed a calming effect on myself.  The nervous energy of ‘hurry-up’ work day seemed to disappear.  I was able to handle anything and everything that came my way with energy and enthusiasm. It is a very unique product that helped me find an emotional euphoria and serenity. I feel happier and quite willing to ‘climb any mountain’. The lows of my day disappeared.  It was very subtle at first, and now I find myself so much more positive and optimistic in my relations with other and tasks the used to pile up. ~ Jim

Immediately after taking Hemphoria for the first time, my focus and mental acuity was very sharp. I though it had something to do with the weather, but it was very noticeable each and every time I took it. To have a natural alertness and uplifted feeling is truly priceless. I'm now able to finish my work quicker and more precisely, so I can spend more time with my family! Plus, I'm not as moody or mentally exhausted when I see my kids. That's a huge benefit! ~ Kelly

I lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks by just adding Hemphoria to my water daily. My cravings STOPPED and my meal portions decreased since my blood sugar was much more stable. I know Hemphoria is not a diet product but it worked for me without even trying! It is so easy to take and I wouldn't live without it. ~ Diane

After school my 3 kids (age 7, 9, 12) would either crash from exhaustion in front of the TV or become very temperamental. They now come to the kitchen and take a squirt of Hemphoria on their tongue. Their emotional state is MUCH more even and they maintain their energy throughout the evening to complete homework. No more meltdowns! As an "equally exhausted" mom, this has been a miracle in my house. My mood and energy is improved immensely as well!  ~ Brenda

I feel amazing from taking Hemphoria! I started taking a bit before bed and I'm sleeping peacefully for the first time in years. Fabulous product! ~ Kevin
I have a feeling of exhilaration when I take Hemphoria. When I’m feeling stressed,  pressured or just in a bad mood, it instantly up lifts me and stress becomes a distant thought. I simply love it! ~ Peggy

Hemphoria took away my coffee cravings almost immediately. I have also noticed an increase of mental energy, clarity and focus. My head is clearer than it’s even been. ~ Maria
I add Hemphoria to luke warm water every morning and it completely replaces my coffee. My mental energy is much more even throughout the day and the clarity is a new feeling for me. This has replaced my need for a caffeine “hit” any time of day … and avoiding the crash too! ~ Annie
I haven't been “diagnosed” with depression, but I had every symptom in the book. My family suggested I take medication for it, however I always knew I would find an answer someday. Hemphoria is my answer! Within only a few days of taking 3 full droppers, my mood turned a 180! Days following, I didn’t need to sleep as much, my energy and motivation improved so much that I have begun walking every day and spending time with friends and family (which I haven’t done in so long). The cave I was living in … finally had an “exit”.  I love this product and will be taking it forever! ~ Sylvia

For the first time in my life, my sugar cravings have stopped. Since I was very young, I constantly fight these cravings. Anything sweet would disappear in my presence! I had no idea Hemphoria would have this type of affect’s amazing. My blood sugar is stable throughout the day and because of that I’m eating less. Since my focus is not on my “hunger”, I’m able to perform 100% at my job. My work is mentally draining, but Hemphoria keeps my clear, focused and fueled for hours. LOVE this product!!!! ~ Megan

Truth about Hemp


 pulse Eat... 26 organic and or clean raw foods. Pulse comes in 3 flavors (Hemp/Blueberry, Hemp/Raspberry, and Hemp/Cherry) and we make it fresh daily. Pulse is our proprietary food blend headlined with Hemp and also uses sprouting technologies. Pulse is a signature food from head to toe and is stamped with our raw promise. Pulse is the highest quality of food known to man. Feel good, eat liberally, no guilt.

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Pulse Testimonials

It’s been 12 days since I’ve starting using the Pulse Hemp products and Hemphoria.  They now are now an integral part of my eating/lifestyle changes.  I’ve lost 8 pounds (struggle-free!), my mind is clearer, my migraines have dissipated, I’ve got more energy, and my sleeping has improved 200%!  I often eat Pulse as a meal; I’ve found that because it is so nutritionally dense, I eat MUCH LESS food than I did before.  My body is not ‘working’ to process the food - the food is actually doing the work, and this gives me more energy throughout the day.  When I’ve got sugar cravings, I simply reach for the Pulse and find that it does the trick, with no sugar ‘high’ or ‘crash and burn’.  The Hemphoria has been amazing as far as helping me with mental clarity and feelings of peace and overall wellness. My stress levels are down, life’s little issues (and big ones) are much easier to deal with.  Hemphoria also helps with my energy, and I am not craving coffee now.  I generally put it directly under my tongue for a quick ZING!  Both these products have, and I do not say this lightly, changed my life in an enormous way.  I am more connected,
energetic, and ALIVE! I really cannot say enough about these products.
— Becca W.

“I have a peace of mind, giving my 10 year daughter a healthy snack that she loves!!! Yesterday, I forgot to pack it in her lunch and she was upset and asked me to pack ‘Pulse’ in her lunch everyday!
— Kristin P.

I would like to take a few minutes to share my experience with Versativa’s Pulse and Hemphoria products. If I could some it up in one word it would be WOW!!!! One pulse bar is like eating a full meal it is really filling as well as great tasting! If you are trying to lose weight, build muscle or maybe just are always on the run I would highly recommend any of the Cherry, Blueberry, or Raspberry pulse bags or Bars. I had to do an hour long intense workout and was so tired to do so. So, I took a dropper of the Hemphoria and WOW! I could not believe the intense energy kick it gave me. I was not expecting that kind of result. Not only do I recommend it for an energy boost I also would recommend it for your everyday regimen it gives you a natural sense of well being and inner peace. It also has an awesome orange lemon flavor to it. I can go on all day but it is a must try for yourself!!

Truth about Hemp

This is the newest product in the Versitiva line.

Inspirin is a nutritional powerhouse. It has all the benefits of Marine Phytoplankton
and Hemp combined. Also included in this combination: Essential Oil of Black Cumin Seed, D-Ribose, Malic Acid, Red Raspberry, Essential Oil of Black Raspberry Seed, Magnesium Malate, Reservatrol and Blackberry.

"Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country" Thomas Jefferson

  anp AMP Process or Aqueous Molecular Partitioning is an exclusive patent-pending technology.

In obtaining essential nutrients from plants ForeverGreen does not use heat or nutrient-harming solvents. ForeverGreen uses CO2 extraction to capture every nutrient from the whole plant without destroying them.

The AMP Process is then used to make all these nutrients bioavailable to the body.


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