Essential Oils

The History

Essential oils have been used in many cultures over thousands of years: from ancient Egypt, China, India to medieval Europe. Their use has been referenced in the Bible. By the 1600s much of Europe prescribed them for a variety of ailments. See for yourself the many benefits thousands have experienced. 

Try some today.

Familiar Oils

Citrus: Lemon is detoxing, energizing,  and cleansing, Wild Orange, a powerful antioxidant, is good for the immune system.

Florals: Lavender is calming, relaxing and amazing for the skin. Geranium is good for the skin and also repels insects.

Herbs & Spices: Peppermint is a soothing and cooling pain reliever. Cinnamon is great for  immune health and a healthy metabolism.

Resins & Barks: Frankincense is soothing and relaxing, and is good for the skin. Cedarwood is relaxing and helps keeps mosquitos away. 


The use of essential oils produces positive natural effects.  Works with your body to support  immune system, healing and overall vitality. Especially encourages gentle detoxification of the body. From inside out, from the top of one's head to the bottom of one's feet there are a myriad of uses and health benefits.

How to Use


Aromatically: Diffusing essential oils into the air is the most popular use. Through smell you get the quickest response.

Topically: Put on your hands and feet. Always test a small area. Also used with carrier oil for a relaxing or stimulating massage

Internally: The spices and citrus can be added to food. Put in right before eating. A little goes a long way. Test one drop at a time. 


One evening my neck and shoulders were very tense and I also had a headache. I looked for some Lavender  essential oil. I put some on my hands smelled it and applied it to my temples. I thought to myself, 'you need relax,' and immediately all my muscles relaxed . 


What's the big deal? 

Using therapeutic grade essential oils gives a result with no side affects when use properly.

Is it safe? 

Know your own allergies. Essential oils come from plants and are concentrated. If unsure always test on a small area of the skin.

Is is easy?

Open the bottle, one drop at a time over time. 

Are there side effects?

General precautions for age, pregnancy and your own sensitivity. Essential oil can be diluted with carrier oils, jojoba or  fractionated coconut oil.