Lymphatic Detox

Why Lymphatic Detoxification Massage

  • Reduce stress?
  • Dissolve cellulite?
  • Eliminate stiffness?
  • Increase mental clarity?
  • Project an inner radiance of health?
  • Experience rejuvenation?
  • Unleash your innate wellness?
  • Reduce puffiness?

The Lymphatic System

The body’s natural cleansing system is the lymphatic system. This complex and efficient design removes unwanted substances. For most of us – due to the high level of body toxins – the lymph system is overtaxed and doesn’t work at maximum efficiency.

The Body is full of toxins

More specifically, toxins are stored in fat tissue. Lymph detox treatments facilitate your body in gently releasing these toxins without any debilitating symptoms. This is a very gentle detox to the entire system. The benefits of our lymphatic detox treatments are numerous and varied because each person describes such a deeply individual and personal experience. 

What is a treatment like?

Your detoxification starts with an ozone steam to open the pore of your skin – the body’s largest organ. This stimulates your body to detox through your skin by sweating and then the ozone neutralizes any toxins. This is followed by use of the Jade frequency machine.

Jade frequency machines send color and sound frequencies through the body to stimulate the lymphatic system and aid detoxification. The sound frequencies and light stimulate detox at the cellular level. 

This is followed by a lymphatic detoxification massage. With stimulation of the lymph, it becomes liquid and moves more easily through and out of your body. Treatments have a gentle yet profound effect. Regular treatments are most effective as the body may need more than one opportunity to detox and cleanse. After your treatment you will feel relaxed and refreshed for many days… quite possibly for several weeks. 


I’ve done a lot of races form 5ks to ultra marathons to Iron distance triathlons. The wear and tear from these events and the by products have made me feel terrible. Many athletes know the benefits of massage but this treatment is so much more. I just ran Grandma’s Marathon two days ago and have never felt more rejuvenated than after this treatment. I actually feel younger too. Healing and recovering after an event can make the difference in the days and weeks after an event and in facing your next event. I recommend this for any athlete from weekend walker to Iron man tri-athlete." —Greta Knoll  Waco, Texas

“I’m so glad I did a series of treatments upon Kathy’s advice. I think I must have been really blocked up, because it did take several treatments for me to get beneficial results. When she did get my lymph system healthy my thinking became clearer and more focused and I felt a new vibrancy. I had started to make changes in my health not long before I met Kathy; like exercising more, eating more organic and less processed food and taking nutritional supplements. As much as those made a difference, lymphatic treatments definitely have been a plus. I now consider these treatments an important part of maintaining good health.” –Jeanne Golberg


Based on over 15+ years of providing and refining this service for Kathy Joy’s clientele, you will feel better and look better in just 1 session. Tissue puffiness and skin dimpling is smoothed and noticeably decreased.

Clients report having a more optimistic outlook on life. This is because the detoxifying process rids the body of energy-depleting stored toxins… Restful sleep and clearer thinking are also reported. The caring attention and healing love Kathy embodies has much to do with experiencing beneficial results.